Wakawala is Malaysia’s first full-featured fundraising App that provides a seamless and secure platform for Asia and the rest of the World to create campaigns and raise capital.

Any individuals*, entrepreneur*, organisation, private or government agencies and NGO’s.
*Should you be under the age of 18, please get your legal guardian or parent to create a campaign to raise funds for you.

No, Wakawala does not take any equity from any campaigns. Equity offers from any campaign owners are not allowed as “rewards” to supporters or funders.

Wakawala will not claim any Intellectual Property (IP) belonging to any campaign created as we (Wakawala) are only a platform provider. Intellectual Property (IP) will always remain the campaign owners. However, campaign owners are advised to also not claim Intellectual Property (IP) belonging to others in their campaign. *

*Wakawala will not be responsible, should there be any infringement of any Copyright © or Intellectual Property (IP) used by any campaigns created.

Wakawala is hosted on the most trusted Cloud provider in the world – Microsoft Azure, which is used by 95% of the global Fortune 500 companies. Wakawala leverages on Azure Application Gateway to provide level 7 network service protection, it addresses many common web vulnerabilities, as identified by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Your password is securely protected by industry standard encryption where even our own developers can’t decrypt it without quantum computing. Data in transit is secured by using Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security, ensuring data privacy and data integrity in end-to-end communication via the Internet. Furthermore, we are using state-of-the-art Blockchain technology, Hyperledger Fabric to store the donation records. With Blockchain technology, the transactions are decentralised, immutable, tamper-proof and highly transparent. No one can delete your donation record, even if that person is part of the wakawala system development team.

Wakawala takes an administrative and processing fee of 6% for every successful transaction and or donation. This excludes payment gateway fees which varies from 1.5% to 4.5% depending on the choice of payment gateway selected by the donor.

The fundraising model adopted by Wakawala is only for non-equity campaigns. Funds contributed by donors to a campaign should have no expectation of any financial return. Wakawala is a funradising platform based on the goodwill of its own community. The reward of the contribution can be summed as such. *

*Emotion (the good feeling that comes from having helped a worthy cause)
*Nominal (your name in the credits, a thank-you note from the campaign owners)

Campaign creators have to complete and pass a stringent verification process before they are able to retrieve funds collected from donors. *

A. Individual Account Registration Submissions required:
1. Photo of NRIC (front and back) or photo of Passport
2. Full name as in NRIC/Passport
3. NRIC/Passport number
4. Current residential address
5. Selfie / portrait photo of person-in-charge (PIC)
6. Name of Bank
7. Name of account holder
8. Bank account number
9. Type of account (saving / current / others)

B. Organization/Business/Agency/NGO Account Registration
Submissions required:
1. Photo of NRIC (front and back) or photo of Passport (person-in-charge (PIC))
2. Full name of person-in-charge (PIC)
3. NRIC/Passport number of person-in-charge (PIC)
4. Current residential address of person-in-charge (PIC)
5. Selfie photo of person-in-charge (PIC)
6. NRIC photos (front and back) or Passport photo of one of the directors
7. SSM Documents, Form 49 – directorship documents pursuant to Section 141(6) Companies Act, 1965.
8. Tenancy agreement, electricity bill, or water bill of current place of business.
9. Name of Bank
10. Name of account holder
11. Bank account number
12. Type of account (saving / current / others)

*In each verification process, our verification team will check NRIC/Passport number against Anti-Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism. The system will not allow blacklisted users to collect any funds using the app


sure that you have downloaded the Wakawala App and register yourself as a user. You can support the campaign by donating the desired amount on the campaign page. Note that you must finish the process on the payment gateway for your donation to be recorded.

There are multiple ways for you to know; notification alert once you completed your donation; email from payment gateway; transaction history in the “History” tab on application.

For each donation, you can choose any amount from a minimum of RM10 to RM 5000 per transaction. Alternatively, if you wish to donate a larger amount in a single transaction, you can contact us directly here.

Only organisations that have obtained tax-exempted status has tax exemption eligibility. However, it is still dependent on your country and your personal circumstances – if you are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact us or your tax office for further details.

You can download a copy of your donation receipt from the “History” tab. If you need an official receipt from the campaign owner, please contact them personally and give them your Wakawala receipt number for reference.


If you have an idea and the passion to start a campaign and need money to make it work, Wakawala is the platform for you.

• Identify the category that fits your campaign i.e. technology; games; photography; film & video; music or publishing.

• Define your campaign, give it a focus and location. It’s got to have a clear beginning with a finite ending. An example is writing a book. The campaign finishes when you publish the book.

• Know how much money you need to raise. This will be your funding goal. And don’t forget to set a deadline between 21 to 365 days to run your campaign on Wakawala. Do remember to factor in the administrative fees as well as the payment gateway fees charged by our payment gateways.

• You can add up to 5 pictures and a Youtube video link on your campaign page.

Wakawala’s Administration Fee is 6% of total donation you receive. An additional payment Processing Fee* will be charged for per transaction/donation made. Wakawala will also charge an additional fee of 9% should you opt to feature your campaign with Wakawala.
*Additional processing fees associated per transaction listed as per below

Online Banking – FPX
The payment processing fee for online banking is 1.0% (TBC) + RM 0.50.

Credit Card/Debit Card – Visa/Master
The payment processing fee for online banking is 1.3% (TBC) + RM 0.50.

I. Malaysian Donors
The payment processing fee for online banking is 3.9% + RM 2.00.

II. International Donors
The payment processing fee for online banking is 4.4% + 0.30 USD.

This is when your campaign (and fun) begins. Tell your friends and families about your campaign and encourage, persuade, cajole, make a case for them to support you by making a donation.

Create your publicity drive using various social media tools and share your campaign link on Wakawala to get the word out. Monitor the progress of your campaign at Wakawala, and check for users’ feedback and engage with them. Wakawala has also made available social media marketing templates ready for downloadon the Wakawala website to help you create your own marketing collateral in order to promote your campaigns.

You will receive your funds in 21 working days from the end of the campaign, provided your account has been verified accordingly. Please ensure that your campaign has been verified to receive the funds before the end of your campaign or within the stipulated period of time before the end of the campaign, otherwise your funds may be forfeited.

Should you require your funds to be urgently disbursed due to campaign created for emergency causes such as natural calamities, humanitarian aids etc; we will review your appeal here on a case to case basis.

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